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Why Sitting More Than Three Hours a Day Might Kill You?

People are spending more time at work, schools or home by prolonged sitting that limits the physical activities.A human is designed to move and to be involved in a manner of manual labor every day.

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According to the researchers, sitting three hours a day reduces the anticipated lifespan of a person by two years. Long term of sitting a day and losing physical activities can cause a higher risk of health problems than smoking a cigarette.

Over 1 out of 10 premature deaths or estimated 5.3 million deaths a year all over the world is caused by physical inactivity. Globally, 80 percent of the adult population is not performing physical activities, and they use sitting as their hobby. Also, watching Television more than four hours a day will give you 80 percent of chance to die cause of cardiovascular disease.

Scientists prove that people who are working under sedentary jobs or jobs that don’t need a lot of energy charges can acquire twice the risk of colon cancer and 44 percent additional risk of rectal cancer compared to people not working for this kind of Job.

In this case, for sedentary job workers, make yourself less sit and do more moving in the workplace. Make yourself, only stand if there is any chance to remove your butt in your chair; like for example, stand while talking on the phone or eating lunch, try to improvise higher desk or table and walk around your office to avoid sitting for an extended period.

Physical activities have a crucial health benefits for keeping away from NCDs or Noncommunicable diseases like heart disease, cancers, lung disease and diabetes. The study shows that being active in physical duties and regular exercise help to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, and also increasing good cholesterols while lowering bad cholesterols. It also contributes to control right weight, having a better bone and build up muscles.

In U.S, the government recommended the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. They are providing children and adult guidance on how to have healthier living with physical activities. These guidelines recommend 1 hour of aerobic physical activity daily for children ages 6-17 and 30 minutes daily for adults ages 18-64.

According to the Lancet Study, if the level of Physical inactivity of all the people in the world will decrease by almost 10 percent it could reduce the number of premature deaths by

533,000 in a year. And if declined by 25 percent, about 1.3 million deaths will be avoided yearly. And if this kind of practice will be eliminated entirely, the world’s population life span will increase by 0.68 years.

It is better to understand by people how Physical Activities are important. Healthy lifestyles, proper diet, and regular exercise are a must for healthier living.


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