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The case of Medical Marijuana Legalization in U.S

Researchers are looking forward having a permit to undergo more studies about Medical Marijuana in the relation of the legalization of the drug to use in the future medical treatments as the United States Senator Orrin Hatch passes a bill about the issue.


Hatch presents the draft law to the court together with the three other Senators from Hawai, North Carolina, and Delaware which is to have and study more reasons for the lawmakers to pass or legalize cannabis on medical aspects.

This issue causes a lot of discussions whether it is time to be more knowledgeable in much bigger information about the medical treatment using marijuana. A lot of benefits of these plants going discovered by some scientist to cure illnesses, but this can cause harm when it is abused.

This bill got supported by the Paediatrics Chairman Dr. Ed Clark at the University of Utah. Clark also interested to do more studies on CBD oils where the University is currently researching. Active from Cannabinoids is one of the reasons why marijuana became popular on medical treatments.

Currently, Marijana is classified as a Schedule 1 under the federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970 together with heroin and LSD, which is highly prohibited due to its high risk of abuse and unrecognized medical drug.

The bill is aimed to ease decision from lawmakers and the Drug Enforcement Administration whether marijuana should be downgraded from Schedule 1 to a lower schedule by creating more research about the medical help of this plant, from the statement of J.P. Freire, Senator Hatch’s Communication Director. This bill also the way which can guide the DEA to make permit for marijuana growers. Currently, they only allowed a limited plantation of cannabis for experimental purposes.

Marijuana is prohibited by Federal law. Thus, Twenty-five states and the District of Columbia is now having a law that legalizes Marijuana. Four states, as well as the District of Columbia, have legalized the plant for recreational worth.

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