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Say It with Your Scrubs

Sometimes, an inspiration is all you need to be able to work wholeheartedly in such an overwhelming world as the medical industry. And most of the time, it’s what you need to be reminded about when faced with obstacles, and to continue. You tend to constantly repeat the words to yourself, trying to instill the value of what you believe and the reasons why you started in health care in the first place. Why not do it through your nursing scrubs? Instead of saying it to yourself, say the inspiration with your scrubs.

That is exactly what Cherokee came up with when it released into the market one of its latest scrub top designs, the CH-2804IS. This new Cherokee scrub top for women highlights the letterings that act as inspirations of health care workers, “RESPECT, CARE, INSPIRE, LOVE, TRUST, HEAL.” It’s a reminder of the noble reasons that move a nurse, doctor, dentist, or any other health care professional to continue living a life wherein one prioritizes others rather than his own safety.

Aside from the value of the inspiration idea, the letterings on the Cherokee 2804IS white scrub top also act as embellishments, featuring a femme look with pink print color that faded and gradually turned to black printed letters. Several other prints, flowers and hearts are scattered all over the Cherokee scrub for that sweet fancy look.

The womanly appearance of our featured Cherokee scrub top is rather simple, having only the v-neck design, two front patch pockets, as well as side vents. Without the prints, the only notable about it is the shaping done through the use of button-adjustable back elastic.

As for the material quality, Cherokee decided to go with the recently used poly/cotton, brushed, poplin fabric combination, ensuring comfort and durability for such a scrub top that would most likely be worn all too often. Follow link for more of Pulse Uniform’s Cherokee scrubs.

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