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Care for a nurse scrub tailored for good KARMA?

Two different things come to mind when the word karma is heard, good and bad. This particular word, which appears in capital letters, has a deep religious belief about providence, destiny or fate. Tracing its roots from Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, KARMA pertains to actions that determine a person’s future stat. What’s he gonna be […]

Say It with Your Scrubs

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Sometimes, an inspiration is all you need to be able to work wholeheartedly in such an overwhelming world as the medical industry. And most of the time, it’s what you need to be reminded about when faced with obstacles, and to continue. You tend to constantly repeat the words to yourself, trying to instill the […]

Dress The Best Way – Dress In Cherokee Medical Scrubs

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What’s the best way to dress for work today? Is it the classy business attire, the casual trendy look, or just the uniform? Whatever it is, as long as it’s modest, it would be fine. However, in hospitals and clinics, wherein wearing medical uniform is a requirement, not all of the employees are happy doing […]


Cherokee Scrubs, Simple but Stylish

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Simplicity is classic fashion. Many people think this way. For them, the catwalk has nothing to do with how one would consider what is beautiful and what is fashionable. In fact, they’d say, the wardrobes showcased in fashion magazines and in fashion shows are normally not wearable; they simply end up stocked in the closet […]

Cherokee Scrubs – Medical World’s Trendsetter

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Uniforms are an unwanted stuff by many medical students. Unfortunately, they have to get used to wearing them, since the real medical world lives behind the shades of medical uniforms. You’ll see white, blue, and green. Sounds like you’ve got no choice at all, but to stand with dull and lifeless clothing. That’s an exaggeration, […]

Fly by Night Print Scrub

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Children running around, trying to catch a beautiful butterfly is a scene you would want to keep in your memory vividly. You can almost imagine the excitement in their laughter and screams; you wish to turn back the time, and live that day once more. That is not possible, though. But you can reminisce those […]