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Shaping Classic Prints into Modern Nursing Uniforms

Dickies and Cherokee reinvented femininity in nursing uniforms simply with classic prints and drawstrings. The purpose is to turn classic artistry into scrubs uniforms for the new generation of medical workers. We are going to find an outstanding blend-in of modernity and laid-back fashion, resulting to awesome simplicity. Significantly, each piece will showcase unique features that shall be identified largely with the particular set of nursing uniforms.

The Dickies scrubs steered clear of too bold colors and too prominent prints that we see in most apparels today. Instead, they came out to have very minimal portions used as accents of the nursing uniforms, and left the rest as tidy backdrops or with notably muted colors. The style reminds us not just of the laid-back fashion, but also of the more conservative culture in the past. Two of the junior fit Dickies scrub tops, for instance, used the more colorful print design only as sleeve bands and midriff accent. Whereas, the rest of the Dickies scrubs were but common details, except for the smocked round neckline that looks young and playful rather than classic. With such a combination, the new generation of health care workers will look well-fitted in oldie scrubs.

The new Dickies design isn’t solely for the purpose of reconciling old and modern fashion, but to also provide nurses, doctors and every other medical professional with shapely and fashionable nursing uniforms. The sleeve bands, for instance, effectively emphasize slim arms. That was backed up by the print set up around the midriff, giving the midsection a defined shaping. And by adding drawstrings at the midriff, the wearer gets nursing uniforms whose adjustable shaping assures just the right fit.

As for Cherokee scrubs, they were kept with cuts that are simple and comfortable, but with much wider choices of prints and styles. Cherokee has that piece only with a square neckline and drawstring front inset accents, another with ruffled round neckline, drawstring waist and back darts, and one that has but softly shirred drawstring neckline. Each of the said nursing uniform styles sport unique classic prints that set them apart from the rest of available scrubs uniforms in the market – undying popularity of butterflies, flowers and tropic themes.

The beauty of each nursing scrub featured here doesn‘t only speak of the artistry of Dickies’ and Cherokee’s designers, but also the practicality of every style when used in the medical setting. Unnecessary classic femme details, such as fancy rosettes and ruffles, were avoided, while functional features such as patch pockets are kept. And they kept them unnoticed to avoid further intricacy in the design, which could force the nursing uniforms look like they’re clashing. It makes you notice the blissfulness timeless beauty of the simplicity of laidback fashion.

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