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Lab Coats for Impressive Appeal

It’s kinda amazing how lab coats give physicians a very authoritative appeal. Not only that, laboratory coats also make doctors look more respectable. When compared to military uniforms, which usually draw fear, lab coats enable the wearer gain respect; except of course kids who naturally fear syringe.

The reason behind that appeal is the very construction of this particular hospital scrub. When compared to scrub tops and warm-up jackets, lab coats give an impression that the wearer is well educated. The short lab coats make doctors look like those businessmen in very costly and impressive coat and tie. And when in long lab coats, physicians look like scientists who are well known for extraordinary intelligence.

High Quality Lab Coats | Cherokee Laboratory Coats

You can always experience how it’s like wearing lab coats with Pulse Uniform around. This store holds the widest selection of lab coats, from the stylish branded laboratory coats to high quality custom made labcoats. These items are available in white and 30 different solid colors, and can be in short, three fourths, and long sleeves. They also come in different sizes, from petite to extra large and short to long lab coats. Branded line includes Adar, Barco, Dickies, Landau, Urbane, and Cherokee lab coats.

If you think these selections are already impressive, wait till you see the prices. Color lab coats can go for as low as $16.95. There’s also free embroidery on selected items. And if you like the style of a long sleeved lab coat but want it shorter, you can have it converted for only $3.99. Free shipping can also be availed at $75 orders, just like other hospital uniforms such as scrub tops, scrub pants, and warm-up jackets. Visit the store to find the lab coats to suit you best.

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