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Lab Coat Embroidery – The Expert’s Way

How do you want lab coat embroidery? Or what do you want to embroider on your lab coat? You’ll probably say you want exact replica of your company’s logo, the same color and size. Or maybe, you want a few alterations on the font color and some more details. Perhaps, you also want your name etched along your company’s logo or at the other side. However or whatever you want with an embroidered lab coat, one thing is sure, you want it done the expert’s way – perfectly.

Pulse Uniform and its in-house logo digitizing can make your every wish come true. State of the art, just as the industry calls it, digital embroidery is the modern way of having lab coat embroidery done perfectly. Using it, and with the hands of expert digitizers, your company logo is set-up clean, with no threads etched outside the pattern. Quality embroidered lab coat is what you’ll surely get.

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Personalized lab coats come out excellent with the help of few other things Pulse Uniform have prepared. When you want exact replica of a company logo, our stock of over 200 logos of different companies enable the digitizers embroider the lab without any glitches. And because we’re using new technology on the service, there is no room for flaws even if different thread color is used. Our store has more than 40 thread colors from which customers can choose, by the way. The same quality is also expected for monogrammed lab coats, assuring you clear and readable name or initials etched on your lab coat.

Quality embroidery is not the only notable way of experts. They are also known for quick turn around time lab coats embroidery service, just as customers always want. Service efficiency is one big factor that makes Pulse Uniform known for embroidered lab coats. This is actually a primary reason why satisfied customers keep coming back and more trust us day after day. The discounts and free logo setup, in fact, simply serve as freebies. Check the Pulse Uniform for complete details of embroidered lab coats services and offers.

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