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Embroidered Lab Coats, Your Personalized Hospital Uniforms

Medical logos don’t only serve as identification of a specific hospital or clinic, it also adds color to the supposedly plain lab coats just like art embroideries do. That is so because many company logos now come in rather cute and funny designs. Dental logos more often are playful and are ideal for lab coat personalization. Veterinary clinics dealing with adorable pets also feature cool logos, which usually reflect the characteristics of most veterinarians, hence are perfect for personalized lab coats.

The playful logo designs basically break the monotonous air of seriousness in the medical world. Nurses, doctors, dentists, and every other medical professional are lucky enough that they actually wear the ice breaker. With that, Pulse Uniform stocks wide range of humorous pediatric, OBGYN, radiology, hearts, eye care, physical therapist, patriotic, signature logos, and many more are available to feed personalization trend. All you have to do is pick the right logo that suites your personality, and presto! You got beautifully embroidered lab coats – your personalized hospital uniforms.

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Pulse Uniform also offer monogrammed lab coats which can be personalized in several ways. First is the use of stylish font type. The artistry of fonts normally mirrors the personality of the wearer as well, so it’s great way to express oneself. Second is correct choice of font color. Font style and color actually go hand in hand for style’s strong or light character is emphasized by color, and vice versa. The store has 10 font styles for name monogramming, and they can be embroidered in different sizes. Font color on the other hand, which basically is the thread color, is available in 40 colors; 14 of which require no extra charge. And of course, it’s important to choose the lab coat which will help you work with ease and comfort. Embroidery can also be done on colored and white scrubs. As to the best choices of lab coats check on Pulse uniform.

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