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How to get branded scrubs at low price

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Shoppers, especially moms, are dying to find products which are of considerably low price for their quality. This is true even for physicians and nurses who need medical scrubs and accessories. They want quality products, so they prefer branded scrubs as they already knew of how long the service of these garments is. The problem […]

Must Have Comfortable Nursing Shoes

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Hospital work is never an easy job. And it can get tougher during hard-to-deal seasons as well as when epidemics arise. At this point, wherein the pandemic A H1N1 also known as swine flu is about to make the number of infected people swell, doctors and nurses around the world will surely have to double […]

Lab Coats for Impressive Appeal

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It’s kinda amazing how lab coats give physicians a very authoritative appeal. Not only that, laboratory coats also make doctors look more respectable. When compared to military uniforms, which usually draw fear, lab coats enable the wearer gain respect; except of course kids who naturally fear syringe. The reason behind that appeal is the very […]

Cheap Scrubs | Always Practical Nursing Uniforms

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Everybody sees the practicality of being thrifty in most times. And now that the economy is has almost turned upside down, saving is never been this practical. In fact, it’s now a necessity. The New York Times said in one of its issues, “In an economic downturn, even those whose net worth is in the […]

Comfy Landau Scrubs

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How comfortable are you in your nursing uniforms? Do you think, a little air is necessary to penetrate the garment? Or, do you need some more warmth? Your needs may change due to natural changing of seasons. But putting aside the warm and cold months, quality and construction will be the only things to consider […]

Medical Uniforms Pulse Pro

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It’s a common thinking that medical uniforms carrying the names of popular brands are the best items to have. That’s because people knew of the good quality of their products already. They are worth buying, indeed. But does this mean that medical uniforms scrubs created by the not so popular manufacturers are substandard? By all […]