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Comfy Landau Scrubs

How comfortable are you in your nursing uniforms? Do you think, a little air is necessary to penetrate the garment? Or, do you need some more warmth? Your needs may change due to natural changing of seasons. But putting aside the warm and cold months, quality and construction will be the only things to consider when purchasing new nursing uniforms.

Landau Scrubs Jacket

Pulse Uniform answers everybody’s needs for quality medical uniforms. This means the store offers wide selection of the finest items in the market. Customers can choose from the most trusted brands of medical uniforms. Landau scrubs are among the suggested items if what you want is excellent comfort. Find in the store wide selection of high quality scrub Landau tops, scrub pants, warm up jackets, and lab coats.

From the most sought after fabrics, Landau brings in poly cotton. The material is basically composed of 65% Polyester and 35% cotton.  This combination was made to defy temperature, hugging the wearer with just the right warmth – not too cold and not to warm. See the picture of a Landau scrub jacket above? That one is made up of poly cotton, which is complemented with simple and nice styling to suit nurses and physicians best.

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