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What You’ll Read Will Make You Rethink What to Eat & Drink Next

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5 Foods Rich in Lactobacillus We Might Not Be Aware Of Lactobacillus is a type of bacteria. Yes! It is a type of bacteria but you may want to hold back on what you’re thinking right now. Not all bacteria are bad for you. Lactobacillus is considered as “friendly” bacteria. These are bacteria that commonly […]

What Healthcare Professionals Ought to Know About Ebola Virus?

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More than 1,400 people have died from the Ebola Virus as of August 2014, mostly from West Africa as the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declares the outbreak as an international health emergency. This week, the first confirmed British patient landed in the United Kingdom, and Donald Trump was fuming on his tweet: Even though […]

Music: Playing the Notes and Keys to Wellness

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There are several components that serve as essential foundations of good health. These underlying factors run into a vast stream of succession all aimed to improve and better the health of everyone. Factors that present themselves obviously before us – medicines and drugs are situated at the top of the list. However, there are simple […]

Awareness: Suicide

Suicide is a serious, horrifying and unfortunate incident. Everyone must take notice of occurrences such as this for life must be treasured and it is best for everyone to not just let it completely go to waste. In 2010, there were 38,364 suicide cases in the United States with an average of 105 each day […]

HIV/AIDS: What You Need to Know About this Prevalent Disease

A lot of diseases had been taking place on humanity’s seemingly vulnerable self. Diseases that stand as a large shard in the lives of those unfortunate individuals. Accordingly, several of these diseases are tackled across the world and one of them is HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is a disease of the human immune system that has spread […]

Celebrate Save Your Vision Month 2012 by Keeping Eyes and Vision Healthy

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When March comes the first thing that comes to mind is St. Patrick’s Day. Do we even know that March is also the Save Your Vision month? Yes, Save Your Vision Month is really a national observance that was started years ago and is held every March with the aim of increasing awareness regarding good […]