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#BullyNoMore: Taking a Stand Against Bullying

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What comes into your mind when you hear the word “Bullying”? For some, it’s that pretty little girl at school who always make fun of her fellow classmates less pretty than her. For others, it’s the big, obnoxious guy who always tries to take other people’s belongings, throw out vulgar words and like to beat people up even […]

How Stress Can Kill Us

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For most of us, stress is the frenzied pace of daily activities. For some, stress is what they feel during times of loss, illness, or conflict. People react to stress differently. Some can take it lightly, while other people cannot carry the burden. And even though highly developed countries such as the US are always […]

Top 10 Websites for Nurses

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Whether you are looking for important announcement for NCLEX exams, browsing for nursing job offers, searching for scholarship and financial aids for nurses, or you need something to help you relax from the daily stress of your chosen profession, these websites will surely be of great help. Lippincott’s Nursing Center Lippincott’s, a website […]

An Alzheimer’s Patient Created Portraits of Himself, The Results will Bring You to Tears!

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Faces of Alzheimer’s disease: The Descent of William Utermohlen Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It complicates an individual’s thinking, behavior and memory. It progresses and gets worse over time and continues to take effect for the rest of the person’s life. For decades, people affected by this disease have been accurately documented […]

A Man’s Best friend, A Man’s Hero

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Also known as “Man’s Best friend”, these four-legged friends are certainly a joy to have. They give strength, comfort and timeless loyalty to us humans and that long owner and pet relationship doesn’t always have to be there for these dogs to show their amazing qualities to us. Regardless of their sizes and breeds, dogs […]

9/11 Heroes: Amidst the Adversities

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September 11, 2001 will be forever etched not only in the history of the United States of America but also within the memories of people around the world who love peace, seek harmony, and value human life. The 9/11 attacks killed about 3,000 people and caused $10 Billion damage to property and infrastructure. America – […]