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Never Forget to Do These 5 Things Before New Year!  

    Do not let 2016 end in a mediocre manner because it is the beginning of the New Year. As a famous proverb, “The way you begin your day, determines your day,” I want you to do these five things before the arrival of 2017 to make it the fresh, bright chapter of your […]

Doing Job on Holidays? 4 Ways to Enjoy Your Days!

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There might be some of your colleagues who complain about their long and tough office hours and overloading job assignments. The frustration might reach at its peak when everyone of their friends and family members enjoys their winter holidays and prepare for a giant festival of New Year, while they get stuck with their job […]

Hopefulness and Confidence May Build Your Life Longer Claims a New Study  

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Along with physical health, it is vital to take care of our mental health. In fact, our emotional health has a significant impact on our physical health. Latest medical research has come to the point that an optimistic outlook on life can prove to be an essential and catalytic ingredient to your longer and healthier […]

3 Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy and Gorgeous this winter  

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Every season has its own taste that comes up with unique gifts for us. Such as spring showers flowers in our town, summer brings sweet mangoes at our homes, and fall offers rainy days. Similarly, we enjoy winter in comfortable, warm clothes with a cup of tea in the evening with our friends and a […]

You Must Do These 7 Things on This Christmas

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Every special day should be treated the same special way it deserves to be. So have you prepared yourself for the most awaiting event of the year? If so, thumbs up! If no, I would recommend you to do at least these seven fun things on this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: 1.    Spend Time […]

Beyond Science, Medicine Is an Art As Well

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    Most of the people see doctors and surgeons as experts in the science of medicine. However, being skilled in the art of medicine is equally indispensable. Underlying this art is the caring and therapeutic relationships physicians build with their patients. Good communication between doctors and patients results in a better comprehension of patient […]