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If I Would Be Nurse – Tribute to All Nurses

Little children dream of those pretty white nursing scrubs and little nurse caps. When asked why they want to be nurses, they answer with those sweet and touching words like, “I want to treat people and make them sick no more,” or “I will take care of mom and dad when they grow old and weak.” But as soon as they wake up from their dreams and see the reality of this noble profession, only a handful decide to go through the day living their dreams. The rest realized treating and caring for sick, old, and weak people are never that easy as they thought they were as children. I’m one of those little children who left that dream for another profession.

But, what if I am nurse?

If I would be nurse, I’d probably appreciate life better. Births and deaths happen in these places called hospitals, and witnessing such events, every single day, will surely teach me the most valuable things in life.

If I would be nurse, I’d probably be more patient. Having to patiently deal with a non-compliant individual is simply not my thing. How much more if it has to be a sick or dying patient? However, the training and experiences of nursing professionals made nurses more patient and tolerant. Hence, almost all non-compliance issues are settled with minor or with no unwanted events happening at all.

If I would be nurse, I’d probably be more empathic. Distress is but a common phenomenon in healthcare. In fact, it’s among the most prominent faces of the said industry. But the good thing is it helps nurses naturally develop a sense of empathy for every patient, whether they are good people or individuals condemned by the law and society for inhumane acts.

If I would be nurse, I’d probably be more loving. When a soul is lost despite the collective efforts of experts that are trying to save the individual, nurses witness firsthand how he or she is valued by the loved ones. That would make me think how well I am doing in making other people love me. That would help me regularly assess how much love I was showing my family, friends, and colleagues. And that would help me identify the aspect of my personality that I should work on better.

If I would be nurse, I’d be able to see life in a totally different perspective. Outside hospitals, politicians are bashing each other with propagandas, soldiers and rebels kill each other, neighbors yell at each other, couples throw unkind words at each other, and parents and children try to dominate each other. But in the hospitals, they work hand in hand to try save lives. I can see so much hatred outside hospitals, but outstanding love is shown in this part of the society.

If I would be nurse, I’d surely be happier knowing I spend my life in caring not only for my loved ones, but also for people whom I never personally know. Organizations doing charity works are exemplary ways on how to help people in need. However, being able to personally help treat somebody or save someone from death will surely bring a much satisfying fulfillment, something incomparable.

If I would be nurse, I’d thank every colleague for the support and encouragement they give. I’d thank them for the corrections and added instructions. I’d also thank them for every negative remark and comment they throw at me. All of which, I know, will build a more courageous, more skilled, and more tolerant me.

Although I am not a nurse, that will not hold me back from thanking all nurses from around the world. Thank you for sharing your life with every patient and every individual dear to them. Also, knowing that you are going to be there when I or any of my loved ones get sick, I have all the reasons to show my deepest appreciation to you. Happy Nurses Week!

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