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5 Top Reasons Why Not Get Tan

In the past, whites can’t simply live with black people. Even until now, there are those who are intolerant about differences in skin color. But what I do not understand is why whites go crazy about getting tan? On the other hand, other races want to get whiter.

Whether this is an indication that racial discrimination is already fading significantly, that they simply want to look different from others, or that tan makes one look more attractive, these people are putting themselves at risk. Too much sun causes skin damage, irritation, and melanoma, one of the most deadly cancers. It also plays a big part in the development of eye damages such as cataracts. Risks are also high even with the use of indoor tanning beds.

1.)  Your health alone is already enough reason to avoid the sun and the sunbed. People don’t get bothered about their health unless symptoms start becoming apparent, that happens even when they have enough knowledge of the risks of tanning, and have been warned. Be concerned about the long term effects of tanning to your health, and not simply of the skin deep beauty that it promises, because they are the ones that will have the greatest impacts to you and to your loved ones.

2.)  Treatments from cancer and eye damage cost are the last things you would want to spend your money for. Cancer stricken patients as well as those suffering from other ailments spend a fortune in order to bring back good health and stay alive. Some people knock on other people’s hearts for help, and others are forced to do illegal things just to finance necessary medical treatments. You can lose every single penny you have to become well again. In the case of severe cancer stage, however, even everything you own may not be enough to save you at all.

3.)  Skin cancer treatment is painful literally, psychologically and emotionally. We’ve heard it all before, cancer physically hurts, and it hurts a lot. But more than the physical pain, cancer can literally rob you of sanity and happiness. The pain goes beyond the sufferers to their loved ones. Would you not want to wipe their tears, and stop them from worrying at that circumstance? You can by avoiding the cause.

4.)  You can do a lot of other valuable things apart from spending hours lying under the sun or the sunbed. Life is too precious to be thrown away with some harmful beauty regimes. Maybe, you can learn guitar, write a book, join a charity program, clean the house, visit the museum, or anything that can be done under the shade. You can also organize a little program for family day, spend heart to heart talk with your spouse, or maybe, play tennis with your best friend in a gym.

5.)  Real beauty is not measured according to skin color, but with how pure is one’s heart. Wouldn’t it be wiser to work more on improving the inner beauty than the outer appearance? That one has a lot more power to attract sensible people and make them stay.

It’s just so sad that we normally realize the value of warnings when we already suffer from the result of unwise decisions. We need to get ourselves educated, and we don’t have to experience such sufferings ourselves in order to learn; the mistakes of others should serve as mirrors of the future already. Learning from other people’s mistakes would enable us to avoid treading in the same wrong path. And let’s heed health warnings.

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