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2011 World Health Day – Combating AMR

Challenge yourself to fight the superbugs. It sounds impossible that we can actually win over the antimicrobial resistant bugs, because we can see that they are becoming even stronger every time we try to eliminate them. They are able to naturally develop, for themselves, ways on how to continue living and thriving, using and beating the advent of medicine that scientist and medical experts have strived to invent for many years.

International health organizations and experts lay out ways on how to prevent them from developing into extremely high-resistant microorganisms by going right down to the root of the problem, at how all this began in the first place. In the official website of World Health Organization (WHO), you will find 2 of the most significant ways in combating AMR or antimicrobial resistance:

(1)    Appropriate use of antimicrobials. It is believed that misuse and overuse of antibiotics led to creation of superbugs. This is where WHO Medicines Department will focus. By educating concerned agencies and by providing regulatory strategies, the organization expects improvement in antibiotic use by patients, healthcare professionals and national authorities, which should then result to decreased cases of AMR.

(2)    Prevent spread of microorganisms. Proper hygiene and cleaning regimens will have the greatest role in preventing the spread of superbugs. Significantly, the individuals, homes, communities, and of course, the hospitals need to make the necessary changes in order to yield the best results. According to, the doctors, nurses, and workers you see in scrubs uniforms are the primary responsible individuals in ensuring prevention of AMR spread in medical facilities.

In your own home, you and your family must be assured of safety against all types of dangers, including antimicrobial resistance. So start at home. However, do not be dependent on commercial cleaning agents their residue can still be harmful. Find natural ways to kill germs, such as the use of vinegar in disinfecting surfaces and clothes. If you are a nurse, doctor, or any healthcare worker, it will be wise to always disinfect your scrubs uniforms.

Local authorities must make improvements in the cleanliness of their communities’ surroundings. There must be stringent implementation of proper waste disposal, unclogging of waterways, and even handling of stray animals. For extremely depressed areas, it will be wise for local officials to provide sanitary toilets and clean water source. Education about cleanliness will greatly help communities understand its importance and become more cooperative in the programs.

When you are out travelling, running errands, or anything, the value of alcohol or hand sanitizer importance cannot be underrated. When there is no way you can wash you hands with water and soap, any of these two will already suffice. Significantly, if you have kids, make effort to train them to always sanitize their hands, especially before and after eating.

World Health Day, with the theme “Combat Drug Resistance,” will be held of 7th day of April 2011.

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