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Secrets to Keeping New Year’s Resolution

2010 is approaching its end and 2011 is knocking on doors already. Whether we are superstitious or not, most of us have plans for the coming year, often aimed for better things. However, it seems that making New Year’s resolution is a little too impractical, especially that most of what we have listed simply stayed as ink markings on a paper, never practiced. Consequently, some nurses think they’re better off with no New Year’s resolution, simply putting on their Cherokee scrubs, traveling to the hospitals to accomplish their jobs, and head back home after shift, everyday.

New Year’s resolution serves as your shopping list. Without it, you may have to pay bigger. Learn the secret on how to keep your New Year’s resolution:

Apply the do unto others what you want others to do unto you principle, rather than do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you. Being passive would do you little, if ever it does anything at all. So plan what you should do, including even small necessary details. If you are know you are not always easy to approach but you want to make friends in the team, better make moves to start becoming close to them. Smiling at them and occasionally offering a hand would help start conversation, rather than wait for them to approach you.

Mark the milestones, rather than count errors. If you face things with a positive attitude, you will continue achieving your goals even if you stumble and fall many times. However, negative feelings could drag you off track and lead you astray. Let’s say you want to finally quit smoking. You may be tempted and actually lit cigarettes several times. Does it mean you can’t do it all? If you did well during the first week, you can do better next week. And besides, it’s much better to know that you were able to attain something, than achieve nothing at all.

Give yourself another chance after every fall. There are things and decisions that can no longer be undone, and could even haunt us for a long time. If for instance, you almost lost your job due to being late, and got some hard-to-forget confrontation, the ill words you heard and sanctions may have a real bad effect on you. At such points, stopping and putting back yourself together may be necessary. Learn your lesson and never dwell on the past. Just like your favorite Cherokee scrubs ripped all of a sudden; you can’t wear them at all and only replacements will be the solution.

Find another route when your chosen road is too unfavorable to you. It’s like shifting to another nursing specialization or finding ways to improve in your own chosen career in order to excel or at least enjoy the job. But of course, diligence, patience, perseverance, and all other good qualities you can think of would be necessary.

These 4 secrets are not really secrets. It’s just that people tend to forget them. Keep in mind that obstacles come and unfavorable circumstances happen. If you allow these to choke your resolve to forgo your New Year’s resolution, achieving them is far from reality. But if you focus on the positive things, you will soon see favorable results.

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