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10 Reasons to Always Face New Day at Work with a Smile

When things go crazy and life becomes distressful, it’s alright to scream and allow tears to roll. Find a shoulder or bang the door. However, don’t be imprisoned in the craziness of this world or be emptied with its worries. Have a positive outlook in life, and always face new day at work with a smile. If there’s anyone that should make the first move to start your day well, amid all your personal dilemmas and overwhelming responsibilities in the hospital, it should be you. So smile.

1. God gave you another day to live, why not make the best of every day. After all, it’s you who will have to choose whether to let miseries take over all day or lighten things up by smiling at every new day.

2. It’s another chance to share your life with others. Your job as health care professional gives you more privileges to leave a mark in the heart of the people you work with and care for everyday. Why not strive to leave the kind of mark that’s worth remembering.

3. Smiling is one of the best ways in becoming more passionate toward your work. When you have that outlook in life, each challenge that comes your way serve as another avenue for improvement instead of a mere headache.

4. Many people depend on you, especially the patients. A smile can mean assurance to them that everything’s going to be just fine. A smile can mean they always have a friend to count on, no matter what.

5. Smiling can make you look younger, something that can have tantamount effect on your self-confidence in both your personal and professional lives. So lift those face muscles of yours and look more beautiful, even more beautiful than your fashion medical scrubs.

6. When you come in with a big smile, it’s most likely that others will also smile back at you. In fact, smiling is so contagious that it can spark funny conversations that instantly take away boredom in an entire ward.

7. Smiling is a stress reliever. When your supervisor or head nurse caught you off-guard, doing something else while on duty, you are sure to catch his or her own collective stress. Learn your lesson, but smile to relieve yourself of that kind of stress.

8. You help yourself improve immunity when you smile. More than anyone else, nurses and other health care workers like you can’t just get sick. So keep flu and colds at bay by smiling.

9. Being a nurse is perhaps, a very stressful job on Earth, second only to being a teacher who are at risk of high blood pressure due to pesky students. Lower your blood pressure simply by smiling.

10. Smile not just for others, but more importantly for yourself. With all the overwhelming work in the hospital, you deserve to be happy.

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