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What to expect from Pulse Uniform this 2011

The year 2010 was reigned with discounts at, surprising the customers much like the overhaul of the U.S. health care. We’ve given away gift certificates, discount coupons, free shipping, and many more. And now that the New Year has begun, we all have to face yet another 365-day long journey amid economic instability, professional responsibilities, and personal goals. Hopefully, more great surprises come our way to help each of us get through 2011.

Here are the things to expect from Pulse Uniform this 2011:

More discounts and deals. Mark downs and big savings will still be a big part of the 2011 at Pulse Uniform. Holiday sales will be offered as often as the holidays themselves. Discount coupons will be made available even in coupon sites. Free shipping can be expected to come from time to time. And group orders will always bring better chances of getting special deals.

Better personalization service. Pulse Uniform has always been a trusted place when it comes to logo embroidery and name monogramming, and we will strive to become better. As regards that, we have updated our available number of thread colors to 60 and text types to 12. So whether you want a stock or custom logo, or your full name and title or just a monogram, expect to get the best.

Better customer service. Customer support was live only during Mondays through Fridays on 2010. This year, though, customers can seek assistance from them even on Saturdays. Purchases and other concerns are expected to be accommodated faster this time.

Customers stay updated. This page has been running for a while already, but it’s only recently that Pulse Uniform started publishing official press releases, along with the helpful articles that are posted in their designated categories at the stay updated page. These articles include shopping tips, nursing fashion, and other topics especially written for the benefit of health care employees.

Quick guide to stylish nursing uniforms. Pulse Uniform has dedicated a page solely for photo collections of the finest uniforms. This will help customers have a quick look at the available items without having to click back and forth. The photos are arranged according to collections, providing you only the styles featured in specific collections such as Baby Phat, ScrubZone, Skechers, Grey’s Anatomy, Flexibles, Tooniforms, and many more.

Review the nursing uniform. This feature is provided to let customers express their view about specific nursing uniforms and the service they received. Significantly, this should also help others to see whether or not the scrub or lab coat that they plan to purchase is worth the money. These reviews would as well tell visitors how reliable Pulse Uniform and its services are.

Share a video. Emailing or sending through skype the url of the medical uniforms that you want to suggest to your friends is now replaced with video sharing, for the products that we have in store are also being featured in YouTube. You can even post them on your facebook wall for everyone to see.

All sizes available. Too snug or too loose fitting is never a problem because we can give you custom medical scrubs. Pick the styles you want from the fashion Cherokee scrubs and even Landau scrubs, and we will have it tailor-made just for your size. If you want to simply downsize any available items, we sure can do it as well, quick and easy.

Lowest priced medical uniforms. While we strive to provide nurses and physicians the best medical uniforms, we also make sure our customers get the most out of their hard-earned money. Significantly, all available scrub tops, pants, jackets, skirts, lab coats, shoes, and even the medical accessories are priced the lowest. This is regardless of the fact that most of our featured products are from the most trusted manufacturers such as Cherokee, Dickies, Landau, Urbane, Barco, Adar, Meta, Red Kap, and Prestige.

Price match guaranteed. If you find an item similar to any of Pulse Uniform’s but with a lower price, we will gladly meet the price. You will be given the price difference up until 15 days after purchasing the item. However, this deal does not apply to discontinued deals, clearance sales, out of stock medical uniforms, and nursing uniform products offered by competitors outside the U.S.

The company still has other plans that will be disclosed in the coming days for a better year ahead!

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