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Sweet Cure for Hangover – Coconut Water

Haven’t the professional men and women wearing lab coats used coconut water intravenously to rehydrate patients in the absence of conventional hydration fluids? If you’ve seen Jackie Chan use coconut water as alternative IV, in his movie “Who Am I,” you could imagine how medical experts try to save people during medical emergencies in the past. But you need not go through life threatening situation just to experience the medical prowess of the sweet taste of coconut water; you can experience it right after every night of heavy drink.

Time says, “Coconut Water Is Sweet Hangover Relief.” In just about an hour after taking a drink of coconut water, a person can start feeling sober again. How does it work? REHYDRATE.

The cause of extreme headache following a night of drinking is basically the result of being dehydrated. Alcohol is diuretic in nature, stimulating the kidneys to filter more water out of an individual’s blood. The water in the body is filtered in the process of the body’s natural reaction of eliminating something that doesn’t belong in the body through urination. The electrolytes in coconut water, which is the same as the 5 electrolytes found in the body, come in as replacement.

Coconut water promises not just rehydrate, its health benefits extend from curing hangover to relieving menstrual cramps, helping break kidney and bladder stones, helping stop adverse drug reactions, reducing fever, helping flush away poison from the blood stream, and many more, advocates of coconut water claim.

Using coconut water over medication is too risky. It is still recommended to follow what the experts say. However, for simple treatment of conditions such as hangover, none will be lost in trying coconut water. You might actually find it really very good.

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  1. Kris says:

    Yeah coconut water works so well! I use Vita Coco which is amazing and tastes great! I never have to worry about hangovers anymore.

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