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What to Expect with Cherokee Consultation Lab Coat

Watching CH-1389 or the 31-inch Cherokee men consultation lab coat in YouTube will let you get a quick preview of the item. In a few seconds, the video will provide you details about the product’s fabric and design details including vent, lapel, closure, and pockets. It should also help you determine you’re going to get your size, as well as if the item’s design has enough room for logo or name embroidery. For further details regarding this particular Cherokee lab coat, please visit Pulse Uniform and simply type in the search box CH-1389. Also find there more collections of the finest Cherokee lab coats in white and in different solid colors.

Should you purchase the item, call 866-967-8573. A team of professional customer service representatives will assist you with your orders. Send this video with friends and colleagues to share the great lab coat with the great discount price. Cherokee consultation lab coat can also be purchased in bulk just like our Cherokee scrubs.

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