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Great Prizes to Surely Win by Smoking

5th Prize: EMPHYZEMA

Consolation Prizes: gingivitis, bad breath, high blood pressure, kidney failure, gradual eyesight loss, fertility problems, teeth and gum stains, ulcer, pale skin, cataract, more wrinkles, erectile dysfunction, and more!

This was the most attention catching print ad about smoking that I’ve ever read. I first saw this advertisement with my dad’s eyes glued on it. He was then a heavy smoker, puffing more than two packs a day. I don’t know if this was the reason why he stopped smoking. But after less than a year, he quit the habit. He started on October 30, 1998. And since then, I never saw him smoke ever again.

“Yes, it was very hard. But I was determined to win over cigarette because I have children to raise, and can’t afford dying young,” he said. Now, at age 53, my dad still craves to smoke, especially when he smells its addicting aroma. But it doesn’t win him over. To show our support for him on this matter, my mom, my siblings and me, always bring along candies with us. We automatically give him one when someone is smoking nearby.

You may be one of the smokers who has long been wanting to break the habit but failed several attempts. Why not consider trying again; and this time, ask the support of your family and friends. You must act as the patient and nurse in medical scrubs all at the same time.  Constantly reading substantial information regarding the risks on your health and those around you will also help a lot. Also read about second-hand smoking.

According to WHO, tobacco use kills more than five million people every year – more than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. If current trends continue, tobacco use could kill more than eight million people per year by 2030, and up to one billion people in total in the 21st century. You could be included in the list, next year or tomorrow.

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