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You Can Do Something To Help Smokers Quit

Will you look down on people who smoke, just like most Americans do? According to a recent study, 1 of 4 Americans holds smokers in lower regard for the obvious reason that they smoke. These people spend on something that would make them suffer in the future, an unthinkable vice for people who wouldn’t want […]

Improved Mood – Another reason to quit smoking?

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The Nicotine & Tobacco Research journal published a study by Brown University researchers, saying giving up smoking is linked to happiness. Corresponding author, Christopher Kahler said, if they quit smoking their depressive symptoms go down, and if they relapse, their mood goes back to where they were. An effective antidepressant should look like that. It’s […]

Should “Roll-Your-Own” Cigarettes Be Taxed?

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What do you think, should “roll-your-own” cigarettes be taxed? This will hurt smokers and tobacco shops that offer rolling machines, but will keep things fair between them and the manufacturers of rolling tobacco. The issue lies on the high-speed rolling machines, labeled as pipe-tobacco, which produce a carton of rolled tobacco in just 8 minutes. […]

Hospital Ban Applicants Who Smoke

St. Luke’s Hospital and Health Network in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, will no longer hire employees who smoke starting May 1 this year. This is by far the first hospital to work out no-smoking policy. St. Luke’s Senior Vice President of Human Resource Bob Zimmel said, making a healthier workplace will benefit everyone, even if others consider […]


Great Prizes to Surely Win by Smoking

1st Prize: A BRAND NEW CANCER 2nd Prize: TUBERCOLOSIS 3rd Prize: BRONCHITIS 4th Prize: CORONARY HEART DISEASE 5th Prize: EMPHYZEMA Consolation Prizes: gingivitis, bad breath, high blood pressure, kidney failure, gradual eyesight loss, fertility problems, teeth and gum stains, ulcer, pale skin, cataract, more wrinkles, erectile dysfunction, and more! This was the most attention catching […]