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South African Pres. Zuma’s Ambitious Plans of Fighting AIDS

President Jacob Zuma of the Republic of South Africa – in his nation address on World AIDS Day last Tuesday in Pretoria Showground, shares his sentiment and discuss about the program to prevent AIDS. It was a strong call for every South African to be aware and to be able to participate in the new policy on the epidemic. South Africans should walk hand and hand and make moves to contribute in every government programs to stop the spreading of HIV. They must all be aware of the pros and cons of the epidemic. AIDS has no cure, but according to Pres. Zuma “Prevention is the most powerful and effective weapon against AIDS”. Every parent must educate their children about the prevention of HIV. Prevention must come from home also. And if we really protect our family, we will look forward to every way on how our loved ones be freed from HIV.

Republic of South Africa President Jacob Zuma

Pres. Zuma shows his concern to South Africans, campaigning to act together to reduce the rate of new infections. He aims to prevent women from infecting their newborns. Mr. Zuma called on South Africans to struggle against AIDS as they had apartheid. Mr. Zuma said “We have no choice but to deploy every effort, mobilize every resource and utilize every skill our nation possesses.”

According to Pres. Zuma, by April 2010 the government will start treating HIV positive people with tuberculosis earlier, when the immune system are still stronger. In such a way, it will lessen the number of deaths. Tuberculosis is the leading killer of South African with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and death from tuberculosis has more than tripled in South Africa since 1997. He also urges all South Africans to get tested from HIV, he himself will also undergo from test and everyone should submit themselves from test, to know and be aware about their health status. Even a one year old baby must be tested for the earlier prevention of the epidemic. The situation is serious seeing the statistics of average life expectancy of South Africans has been falling, and that South Africans are dying at a young age.

The leader wants the best for his people just as how the parents want the best for their children. However, if his people do not participate in his programs, the leader’s efforts and willingness for a change will bring no good results. Everything will be of no value. Only those individuals taking responsibility for their own lives and the lives of those around them will overcome the crisis. Parents raising their beloved family, healthcare practitioners in their nursing scrubs, government officials, organizations, all must participate.

It’s not only South Africans that should benefit from Pres. Zuma’s program, but as a part of this Mother Earth, we must also take responsibility of participating in the program of the said leader. It’s not only happening in South Africa – everyone can be victims. We need to also adopt his program and promote it. Even if we are not South Africans, we are still capable in protecting everybody’s health. Let’s fight HIV and live a life full of happiness for the bright future of the next generation.

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