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Nobel Laureates Call for Equality in Science

Two women made it to 2009 Nobel Prize in medicine. And they took this opportunity to urge for women’s liberation from living behind men’s shadow in the career structure. They pointed out that their achievement is proof that gender should not be an issue for women not to reach top positions in their career. They should all be treated equally as they wear their medical uniforms. As of now, women are able to penetrate into the 50%, but upper echelons are still dominated by men.


Elizabeth H. Blackburn and Carol W. Greide seem to blame the present situation that women are not given the chance to advance because of having children and lack of flexibility. Blackburn suggested a more flexible approach to part-time research and career breaks to enable women to continue working while at the stage of childbearing. Greider on the other hand, emphasized that they be allow women onto committees and decision-making positions.

Jack W. Szostak

Blackburn and Greide will be awarded by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, on Thursday, the $1.4 million Nobel Prize in Medicine along with Jack W. Szostak. Their discovery of how chromosomes protect themselves as cells divide acted as bridge to winning the award. This discovery inspired experimental cancer therapies, and a source of hope to uncovering insights into aging.

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