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HIV/AIDS: What You Need to Know About this Prevalent Disease

A lot of diseases had been taking place on humanity’s seemingly vulnerable self. Diseases that stand as a large shard in the lives of those unfortunate individuals. Accordingly, several of these diseases are tackled across the world and one of them is HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is a disease of the human immune system that has spread […]

Act Against AIDS: Get an HIV Testing

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Today is World AIDS Day. After three decades, are we making any progress eradicating HIV/AIDS? Combating HIV has obviously been one of the greatest challenges for science and finding cure or the vaccine that will truly eradicate it remains elusive. But now, we have the means, the medicines and other tools to ensure that we […]

South African Pres. Zuma’s Ambitious Plans of Fighting AIDS

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President Jacob Zuma of the Republic of South Africa – in his nation address on World AIDS Day last Tuesday in Pretoria Showground, shares his sentiment and discuss about the program to prevent AIDS. It was a strong call for every South African to be aware and to be able to participate in the new […]