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Cherokee Workwear Unisex – Choosing Scrubs Made Easy

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Finding the perfect scrubs with so many brands, styles and designs can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Sometimes, we wish that somebody can show us a way to make this task easy. Buying scrubs that would serve as uniforms for a team or office with both male and female healthcare professionals is even more […]

Take a Look at The Latest Collection – Cherokee Runway

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Cherokee is one brand that continues to evolve not only with styles and designs but with its collections. They recently came out with two collections Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch and then came the new Luxe Collection, which are both created to suit the needs of healthcare professionals. They certainly considered not only what’s comfortable, functional […]

Different Ways to Remove Stains on Your Fave Scrubs

We each have our own favorite nursing scrubs and although we try to avoid it, spills of coffee, blood and other body fluids are just part and parcel of a long shift at work. Getting it back to its pristine condition could be a problem. Oftentimes, we make the mistake of simply giving up. Instead […]

Trees and All Its Benefits

Pulse Uniform is not just an online clothing store for medical uniforms, accessories and supplies. It is a complete website  where customers can also the learn the whys and the how-to, especially with regards to fashion in the workplace, and in the case of healthcare professionals that could be the hospital setting, physicians, offices, or […]

Registered Nurses’ Alternative Work Settings

People often think that licensed professional nurses only work inside the hospitals. Well, majority of the nurses employed (60%) do work inside the hospitals but around 40 percent work in other work settings including offices of physicians, medical centers, home health care services, nursing facilities and other care settings. What people may not really know […]

The Importance of the Nurses’ Health Study

Much of what we know about health and disease today is because of the Nurses’ Health Study. Whether it is about the dangers of tobacco and trans fat to the benefits of physical activity and whole grains, everything we know is because some 250,000 nurses have participated in this study. The accuracy of their reports […]