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Registered Nurses’ Alternative Work Settings

People often think that licensed professional nurses only work inside the hospitals. Well, majority of the nurses employed (60%) do work inside the hospitals but around 40 percent work in other work settings including offices of physicians, medical centers, home health care services, nursing facilities and other care settings. What people may not really know is that registered nurses are not limited in working in hospitals or with patients. They may also work in places where they do not have to wear nurse scrubs or lab coats for that matter but corporate clothing.

There are alternative work settings such as lab crimes, summer camps, schools, pharmaceutical companies, and in some cases they may not even work with patients such as in the case of nurse researchers or nurse informatics specialists or even telephone triage nurses. Most of these specialties have certification that requires definite number of hours of continuing education as well as number of years of clinical experience. Hospital or clinical experience is a must before these nurses can pursue said specialties since knowledge and skills rightfully gained from experience in patients care is needed.

To learn more of these nursing specialties, their employers and work settings, the type of education and certifications required, the duties and responsibilities the job entails, and the salaries of these specializations, take a look at Nursing Specialties Working Out of the Hospital Setting on Pulse Uniform Nurse Corner.

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