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Trees and All Its Benefits

Pulse Uniform is not just an online clothing store for medical uniforms, accessories and supplies. It is a complete website  where customers can also the learn the whys and the how-to, especially with regards to fashion in the workplace, and in the case of healthcare professionals that could be the hospital setting, physicians, offices, or medical centers. It also shares with loyal customers, as well as new visitors, well-researched articles that have been written on the nursing career – the history of nursing and its uniforms, who the famous nurses are, the different exciting nursing specialties, other non-hospital based careers for nurses. It also offers insights on the medical industry as one of the major users of non-woven fabrics and many more. Fun quizzes and interviews with nurses allow readers to get to know nursing as a career and what these people in nursing scrubs really feel about their jobs.

The Pulse Uniform Nurse Corner makes Pulse Uniform more than just a clothing store. It can also be used as reference by the people interested to war nursing scrubs in the future, or those who are now currently wearing one.

Very recently, they featured Trees Our Best Friends on the Nurse Corner. Maybe one will ask what trees have got to do with nursing scrubs or the nursing career itself. Surprisingly a lot! Trees are truly important we know that since our homes comes from wood and wood comes from trees. But other than that, how much do we really know of the different benefits of trees? The article explains the different social and psychological, communal, environmental, and economic benefits that we can get from trees and how trees can really make our lives better.

There are obvious reasons to consider trees as our best friend but there are more than enough reasons that may not be as obvious. Did you know that trees affect how long one stays in a hospital and how fast one recovers after a surgery? Did you know that trees affect the ties in a community as well as the violence and crime rate? Yes, studies have shown that post-operative patients who can view natural scenes such as trees and other greenery are most likely to complain less of pain, and getting in trouble with the men and women in nursing scrubs, and thus needing fewer painkillers and even recuperate faster and they don’t need to stay longer at the hospital. Studies have also shown that the community ties become closer when tree are abundant in parks and walkways. There is social interaction since children will most likely be playing in the park while their parents are able to interact with other parents while waiting for their children. Trees also help lower blood pressure, and so many other health benefits including reduce of stress which is the reason why people are less into volatile and prone to violence.

There are so many reasons to be thankful for the trees around us making it so important to ensure that for any tree we cut then it can be replaced so that there won’t come a time that what we have is lost because we did not take care of our trees.

So drop by Pulse Uniform’s Nurse Corner and read more about the trees and their benefits and other articles.

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