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How do physicians and nurses live their pledge of giving the best patient care?

PU Community Education Section: The Drive Sober Video

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The Drive Sober video is one of the first of many videos, infographics, and articles that Pulse Uniform plans to feature in their community education section. This is a part of their new call of  Educating Communities. Changing Lives. The video tackles the issue of Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), […]

If I Would Be Nurse – Tribute to All Nurses

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Little children dream of those pretty white nursing scrubs and little nurse caps. When asked why they want to be nurses, they answer with those sweet and touching words like, “I want to treat people and make them sick no more,” or “I will take care of mom and dad when they grow old and […]


An E-Mail Interview With Kim McAllister, R.N.

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Every day, we are faced with rather insurmountable challenges that greatly affect our lives in almost all of its aspects. And regardless of whatever job we have, these challenges are definitely a no respecter. However, we realize that there are certainly important reasons of pushing through thick and thin, hurdling at huge lumps of mud […]

How to Bridge Cultural and Communication Gaps

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The perfect example of cross cultural communication that exists today is the vast internet yard. People from all walks of life and literally all corners of the Earth communicate everyday through the internet. Racial discrimination is no more than a myth in many social networking sites. Rather, everyone seems to make good friends out of […]

A Nurse’s Weekend in Alabama

Work. Work. Work. Is it the only thing you have been doing according to your scanned memory? You must be stressed out and dying to flee from hospital work for a while. Well, summertime is fast approaching. Why not plan a vacation and enjoy life outside hospital once again. After becoming so intoxicated with work, […]

Why is there Very Little Male Nurses?

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Male were the traditional caregivers back in the 4th and 5th centuries. The reason? People thought they are more clean and pure. However, in the late 19th century, at the end of American Civil War, all-male nurses also ended. Men were left with little room in the community, except where there’s a need of physical […]