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Why did 2000 Nurses march to Albany?

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On April 13th 2016 nearly 2000 Nurses marched to Albany from New York State to register their protest to lawmakers to pass a minimum staffing law that would dictate how many nurses are on duty. The mandate is considered necessary and needed for better work environment. The proposal has asked to set out different staffing ratios […]

How Student Nurses are helping conduct Lead-Tests at Flint?

Flint, Michigan community has been struggling due to the contamination of their water supply since the city, which was under state financial management, began drawing its drinking water from the Flint River in 2014 to save money. It has been reported that in Flint anytime from April 2014 to today if one has drank the […]

Top 10 Websites for Nurses

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Whether you are looking for important announcement for NCLEX exams, browsing for nursing job offers, searching for scholarship and financial aids for nurses, or you need something to help you relax from the daily stress of your chosen profession, these websites will surely be of great help. Lippincott’s Nursing Center Lippincott’s, a website […]

What Kind of Nurse Are You?

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Nurses are known for their dedication and efforts in ensuring the wellness of everyone. We see them in clinics and hospitals attending to patients and operate medical equipments. Accordingly, we all have met a nurse and if you are actually one, there is a chance of yourself getting included on this list: What kind of […]

If I Would Be Nurse – Tribute to All Nurses

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Little children dream of those pretty white nursing scrubs and little nurse caps. When asked why they want to be nurses, they answer with those sweet and touching words like, “I want to treat people and make them sick no more,” or “I will take care of mom and dad when they grow old and […]


An E-Mail Interview With Kim McAllister, R.N.

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Every day, we are faced with rather insurmountable challenges that greatly affect our lives in almost all of its aspects. And regardless of whatever job we have, these challenges are definitely a no respecter. However, we realize that there are certainly important reasons of pushing through thick and thin, hurdling at huge lumps of mud […]