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A Nurse’s Weekend in Alabama

Work. Work. Work. Is it the only thing you have been doing according to your scanned memory? You must be stressed out and dying to flee from hospital work for a while. Well, summertime is fast approaching. Why not plan a vacation and enjoy life outside hospital once again. After becoming so intoxicated with work, […]

Why is there Very Little Male Nurses?

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Male were the traditional caregivers back in the 4th and 5th centuries. The reason? People thought they are more clean and pure. However, in the late 19th century, at the end of American Civil War, all-male nurses also ended. Men were left with little room in the community, except where there’s a need of physical […]

Sexy Nurse Dress vs. Comfy Nursing Scrubs

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Today is undoubtedly the age of nursing scrubs. This is in spite of the generally sexy clothing trend amongst men, women and the third sex. In fact, some of the offices have showed some skin in their choice of working uniform. A little lower neckline could attract possible customers and or investors. Kids are also […]


How to Live Balance Nursing Life

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Dear Nurses, Do you feel you’re missing everything except your life in the hospital? It’s either you’re so deeply attached to your patients or you just want to kill yourself (social life) slowly and painfully. This doesn’t have to be the way a nurse lives. Do not live in the your medical scrubs all the […]