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Addressing Women to Better Health

From the ever-potent blood surging through our veins to every moment we breathe air, nourished health is a vital gift everybody should value. If compromised, risks are likely to follow and health concerns are highly unavoidable. These health concerns could reside within our system regardless of age, status and gender. However, there are health concerns that take place most frequent on a certain gender.

It is in fact that there are several health concerns that affect both men and women but women, too, have their own distinct health concerns which clearly deserve to be put into consideration.
Women’s health concerns vastly extend in a scope. Apart from concerns such as pregnancy, menopause and cervical and ovarian cancer which are unique to women, there are other health concerns which manifest and play a large role in women.

To name a few, these health concerns are breast cancer, depression, heart disease, osteoporosis and autoimmune disorder. Although genes may play its role in the development of these disorders, treatment and preventive care through medical protocols like dietary supplements can open possibilities to reduce the risk of these serious health concerns.

Breast cancer is one of the most common health concern in women apart from colorectal and lung cancers. It is known as the second cancer bound to kill women in the United States next to lung cancer. Depression affects about 12 million women per year according to The National Institute of Mental Health. It is most dominant when guilt, sadness, loss of interest and hopelessness are taking its toll. Heart Disease is reported to be the number 1 cause of death for women on ages 25 and above. Osteoporosis, on the other hand, is not inevitable. It occurs after the age of 50. Accordingly, alcohol and tobacco consumption earlier in their lives can increase the risk of having this health issue. Lastly, Autoimmune disorder has more than 80 different types such as multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and lupus. About 78 percent of these types of autoimmune disorders affect women. The causes of these autoimmune disorders still remain unknown. However, it can still be treated through proper diagnosis.

These health concerns, doubtlessly, provide several effects on women but with great awareness and sufficient treatment, these disorders can certainly be prevented. In accordance to this, Pulse Uniform is in good service to provide you an educative article which covers risk factors, prevention, treatment and other essential details regarding these health concerns.

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