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Print Scrubs Are Becoming Fashion Favorites

No doubt, white remains to be the color that nurses and other healthcare professionals are known for. Over time, medical uniforms has evolved and scrubs and uniforms can now be availed in a plethora of vibrant colors like navy, royal, red and pastel colors like aloe, sandstone, robins egg, pink and more. As medical professionals learned to embrace colors in their daily lives, the prints and patterns have also entered the fashion world and the medical apparel industry was not left behind.

Fashion experts are saying that this season, it’s all about prints from Hawaiian shirts to floral Dr Martens. We can expect tribal African prints and patterns on all men’s wear. Prada is said to be selling floral trousers while Burberry is backing tribal print trousers and popular brand Zara is selling Aztec-inspired backpacks for men. Take a look at what Prada has and check out our unisex print scrub tops and see how good it looks.

Though it’s doubtful that scrub pants would ever come in prints but if it does, this is how it would look.

Prada trousers

Prints and patterns can now easily be seen in nurses scrubs from all hospital departments not only the pediatrics. And these prints are not just worn by women but also by men. Although men are more hesitant to follow the trend but they are now learning to have fun with fashion. For men, wearing prints may require a lot of confidence but being able to wear their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes is just one way of putting a little bit of fun and is still confident about their skills at work.

Some may think a nurse with cartoon characters on her scrubs is not mature enough or do not take their jobs seriously but this is not true. Certainly, they would be very much appreciated by the kids and make them a little more relaxed and open to the care the nurses will give them. Only their skills and training could show the parents how good the nurses are at work but the printed scrubs would definitely endear them to their patients. Of course, one must learn the basic guides in choosing nursing print scrubs in order not to make unnecessary mistakes especially with regards to the hospitals’ dress code.

Pulse Uniform continues to bring seasonal and love & hearts prints from trusted brands like Baby Phat, Dickies Gen Flex, and Skechers. Let us not forget the animal and cartoon prints that patients adore from Cherokee Disney and Tooniforms. They certainly have a way of captivating the young and old, both men and women alike, and adding a little quirk to what may be a very distressing and exhausting shift.

There are those who enjoy wearing prints because they work with children or older patients, there are those who simply love standing out or being different, and there are those who simply love prints and pattern on their nursing scrubs. Whatever the reasons may be, still there is a need to know what mistakes to avoid in wearing print scrubs.

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