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Massage, The Archaic Art of Healing May Relieve Chronic Low Back Pain

Massage is probably as archaic as the human history. Documents written on the early eras showed how such touching or rubbing served value to both the royals and common people. Some claim it started in China on 3000 BCE or even earlier, but others say it all started in India. Ancient civilizations in Egypt, Rome, Greece, Japan and the Mesopotamia also yielded discoveries of written massage documents. They proved to have great significance in healing injuries, relieve pain, as well as prevent and cure illnesses. The biblical record in Esther 2:12 even suggests that massage was a part of beauty regimens of Persian King Xerxes’ wives.

Massage came to be an art, developed and improved down to this very day to serve holistic healing for both the flesh and the spirit. It is done with the use of scented oils, and using different techniques. Massage is usually complemented with herbal remedies, dietary therapy, and specific recommended exercise as needed by the particular individual. And as massage therapy becomes more and more popular in the present day, more and more results from researches prove its effectiveness.

A recent study conducted in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that massage can possibly heal chronic low back pain. Of the 400 adults suffering low back pain, those that were given 1 hour weekly structural or relaxation massage in 10 weeks reported less pain and better mobility as compared with those given traditional treatment care. After 26 weeks, the benefits were still notable but unclear after a year.

Low back pain is the second most common neurological complaint or job-related disability and cause of absence from work in the U.S., according to the National Institutes for Health. Nurses and other health care workers are among those that have their backs heavily stressed out due to work. If you suffer from similar problem, you might as well try massage therapy if your health would allow.

The U.S. is among the places in the world wherein the industry is booming. Different clinics offer various massage therapy techniques that you may want to try, and enjoy. They also come in various themes, having their massage centers decorated with eccentric accents and their therapists dressed accordingly. Medical themed clinics, for instance, have their therapists dressed in nursing uniforms.

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