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Cargo Pants Go Denim

After the J Brand Houlihan cargo pants made its popularity in the Hollywood, two similar designs came out in the market – the Vince Cargo Jeans and Express Cargo Jeans. The one by Vince is an ankle-length cargo with flat streamlined side pockets. It’s almost a replica of J brand houlihan. The latter, on the other hand, is a skinny cut cargo pants made from the mix of cotton, synthetic and spandex fabrics, and tailored to give curve skimming, flattering finish. It fits a mix of cool and hip corporate attire, perfect for the young lads of the corporate world.

I wonder if these two get the same level of attention from the celebrities as the prior fashion cargo pants.

If nurses get the same style of scrub cargo pants, also in fashionable denim, how would the nurses look? Hmmm… And the scrub tops? There should also be new designs of nursing shoes to fit flattering cargo scrub pants. Would they look intriguing enough for celebrities to try such scrub pants as part of their fashion staple? I would love to see the first designs.

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