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Gender Equality Seen in Unisex Medical Scrubs

Is there any dress code implemented in your place of work? Perhaps, a particular color is required in you department. There are hospitals having specific rules with regards to this, but many employees are not very happy with its implementation. Their resistance might remind us of the issue that arose in the recent TUC conference. Some claim that requiring women to wear high heels put them at risk. They speak of leg pain, back pain, and health problems related to long hours of wearing the kind of footwear.

Medical Scrubs Uniforms

Having in mind the benefits a wearer would enjoy with comfortable medical scrubs, the uniforms of health care employees are especially made to keep a comfortable feeling all through the day. Understandably, clinics, hospitals, and medical institution rarely require women to wear nurse skirts or dresses. They allow them to be in the clothes that men wear, the unisex scrub pants and tops. Administrations are not likely to mandate women to work in high heels. In fact, comfortable athletic shoes or clogs are the ones supplied by them, if any. Besides hospital scrubs, other medical uniforms such as lab coats and warm-up jackets are also available for both men and women.

As of today, in Pulse Uniform alone, wide selections of high quality medical scrub tops, pants, jackets, lab coats, and many others are offered in different stylish designs. They, too, come in various colors, including the lovely pastel colors, which are now acceptable as clothing colors suitable for men. To see of sample items and or the entire selection of branded medical uniforms, check out

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