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Health Care Reform Passed the Senate – At Long Last

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Supporters look on as U.S. President Barack Obama signs the health-care bill Tuesday. (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) 219-212 votes in favor of the bill finally swung the health insurance door wide open to more American people. What will this mean to Americans, insurers, people in nursing scrubs, Obama administration, and the United States of America […]

Passage of Health Care Bill – Reason to Party for the Dems?

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The passage of the health care bill in the House of Representatives is a real big achievement for the democrats. Finally, their efforts to revamp the health care system have brought their fight to the Senate. A sweeping 220-215 vote, including 219 democrats and 1 republican representative, favored the bill. H.R 3962 or the Affordable […]