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Google Instant Gave Me that Surprise

Google Instant is really instant! I was typing “medical uniforms” in the Google search bar to check on Pulse Uniform’s current standing in Google search results, and there the results automatically came in before I hit enter. In fact, for almost every letter typed, search results change. You get to see the websites that fare in the particular keyword after typing just “medical unif.”

The speed of web search results also improved. From around 25 seconds average Google web search speed, Google instant shaves 2 to 5 seconds. Shedding extra time takes place as the searcher types the keyword in the search bar. Some searchers will no longer need to finish typing the entire keyword if the site he needs has already been in the results halfway through. I should say this new feature is clever. In the case of webmasters who want to manually see serp through Google, it is still necessary to type the entire keyword.

Partial results from potentially offensive terms, such as porn, still require finishing the entire keyword and hitting enter. The new feature is also not available when the searcher is not using Google search page; he will have to sign in to his Google account first to make use of Google Instant.

Haven’t been near the internet world since Friday, so I didn’t really know what was happening around. I always thought being around is necessary in order for one to be able to anticipate everything, and not be very much surprised of what’s going to happen next. But this somehow tells me, absence isn’t really bad at all. It can bring nice surprises sometimes.

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