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What makes a girl really beautiful?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – I’ve heard it many times.

But what really makes a girl beautiful? Now this is a hard one…

Let’s get some help people. Let’s put Whoopi Goldberg and Keira Knightley on the hot seat.

Whoopi is poised, pretty much dressed for the event. The dreads are awesome, and the dress is absolutely grabbing attention. Keira here, on the other hand, has hair pretty messed up and with face gone overwhelmed-looking in a fight scene. Would you say Keira is beautiful and Whoopi is ugly, or the other way around?

If you will say Keira is beautiful because she is white and Whoopi ugly because she’s black, you’re missing the whole point. But if you will talk about slim figure and sweet smile, might as well agree that Keira got higher points. When it comes to sense of humor and self confidence, though, Whoopi isn’t left behind.

After bringing these two girls in, I have to admit, I haven’t got even near a conclusion. The thing is we don’t have a standard for identifying real beauty. Sexy body, full lips, soft skin, voluptuous behind, nice white teeth, long legs, all can fade in time. Fashionable dress and pretty shoes can be bought. Intelligent, caring, honesty and god-fearing are not appreciated by many.

Let’s go beyond physical appearance instead, and measure beauty with love. What makes a man get off bed happy in the morning and want to cook for his girl? Let’s not talk here about a woman being a dominant partner in sex, okay.

The reason Beauty fell in love with Beast should likely explain why there are men who love women despite all their physical flaws and shortcomings. It’s because of pure intentions of the heart. In real life, a man cannot live with beautiful woman, much less love her, if her acts are evil. There are also women who are very much loved by men, despite being bitchy. But as soon as they’re back in their senses, they leave and try to forget.

True enough, mascara and blush on can make you look beautiful outside. But a man cannot drown in the shallow cosmetics of the latest tabloid diva, right? Makeup, charm, personality, and behavior, when used to the best of their advantage, will showcase the true beauty of a woman. That girl will not only be loved by his man, but by everyone beholding her great qualities.

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