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The value of living a frugal life

It’s badly necessary for people nowadays to learn how to tame their urge to buy and begin learning how to live on less. Even people like nurses and physicians don’t necessarily have to further cut on their spending, abstinence from buying new personal items that do not belong to the “need” bracket at a particular time or opting for cheaper medical uniforms, will nonetheless give benefits such as saving for other more important expenses. But more than simply being able to keep some money, frugal living teaches the value of wise management of money as well as the importance of keeping simple eyes.

If there’s one thing a person can learn and teach other people with regards money matters, it should be how to wisely manage money. This could mean reaching success, ending up broke, or surviving calamitous situations. Other people have tried abstaining from purchasing new fashion clothing, and this brought positive effects. Dean Kakridas, director of business development at Frog Design innovation firm in Austin, Texas, who took the diet shopping said, “Anything that removes complexity or cycles from your day is really valuable.” After three weeks of resisting the temptations to buy Coco Chanel, he was able to utter these words: “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.”

You can just imagine how much a person can spend on designer items, expensive clothes that are not a necessity. What is in the closet will help one survive the urge to buy, just like Kakridas. More importantly, this sets a great example for other people. If you are a parent, this would best teach your kids what to prioritize and handle budget wisely, eliminating the possibility of becoming a compulsive buyer.

Being a compulsive buyer can ruin a whole month’s budget and rob the next two months enough fund. It could be due to a clinical problem that needs professional attention, in some cases. But for most people, the real problem roots deep beyond simply feeling the urge to buy. What one has been thinking about time and again greatly influences that particular urge. And fighting times during which you covet of things you don’t need can have a profound effect.

Setting a schedule, wherein one won’t take a single item out the rack can be a real challenge at first. But by taking things slowly, controlling your mind from thinking of fashion items or keeping your eyes from staring at the beautiful clothes worn by a model can progress in time. This could need some changes like putting away fashion magazines, avoiding people who are compulsive buyers when you do shopping, leaving your credit card at home, and even wearing simpler outfits. If you love fashion Landau scrubs and Urbane scrubs, start wearing the cheaper Cherokee uniforms or Dickies uniforms with the basic designs. A week’s struggle can become a diligent practice.

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