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The Weirdest, The Ugliest, The Most Uncomfortable and The Most Expensive Uniforms

Contrary to what most designers today always keep in mind, there are uniforms that existed without thorough consideration of the most important factors of uniforms – comfort, affordability, fashion and taste. They unfortunately end up the weirdest, ugliest, most uncomfortable and most expensive uniforms.

We got in Pulse Uniform stay updated page a collection of the weirdest, the ugliest, the most uncomfortable, and the most expensive uniforms, and I’m about to share to you my personal choices.

For the weirdest uniforms my vote is casted in favor the traditional bluecoat uniform of schoolboys at Christ’s Hospital School in Sussex. If you have your son enrolled in this school, would you believe your eyes when you see him wearing ankle-length coat, neckbands, knee breeches, and yellow stockings? In all honesty, schoolboys in the U.S. will surely go in the streets to protest the administrators of their school.


The ugliest uniforms goes to Vancouver Canucks in their 1980s uniform. The game looked like there came several clones of Voltes V to play hockey. But Pittsburg Pirates just won’t let them win. So there they showed up to in the baseball field with exceptionally unique uniform. Look! The team members lost their lunchboxes and simply put the hotcakes on their heads. To complete the yummy look, there goes the ice cream – the golden yellow pants.


For the most uncomfortable uniforms, nothing beats the Russian Policewomen, who, besides wearing band-aid size skirts will have to chase law infringers while in their stilettos. They make big steps during parade, so who knows they might do well in chasing scenes.


And as to the most expensive uniforms, the marine officer uniforms hold a real good grip. A set of inner clothes, pair of boots, and Navy Federal uniforms for over $700. That’s besides the sword and patent leather accouterments which are necessary when you are the officer of the day.

Image Source: Dig A List, Google Images

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