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Mix and Match Cherokee Uniforms

One secret to looking best with your medical uniforms is to mix and match items. Color, size, and cut are most important in order to come up with well complementing attire. You don’t need to dig in your closet much just so you could get a good pair, especially when you’re simply going to hospital to work. If you have Cherokee uniforms, picking will be easier for these products are already fashionable. In fact, whether you pair a Cherokee workwear scrub top with any Cherokee scrub pants, the result will be great.

What about layering? Putting on a Cherokee lab coat with tee? Sounds perfect! You can choose a pastel colored tee. Let its base hang just as how it’s designed. Put on a white Baby Phat mini lab coat which will let the lower part of the tee peek. And, presto! You get a stylish get up that’s comfy. You may also wear a tee with the classic black color so you won’t have to worry of the pants’ color. Simply tuck it in. Wear over it the lab coat. And  you also get a smart look with color scrubs, white scrubs or print scrubs.

Cherokee Lab Coats

If you don’t have any of the Cherokee medical uniforms yet, or owns just a few items, check out Pulse Uniform and treat yourself some more. The store offers these great products with big discounts so money shouldn’t be an issue. You may even purchase along with your colleagues to avail of bulk order discounts. And if the purchase reaches $75, you won’t have to spend for shipping service as well. To learn more about Cherokee scrubs uniforms and Pulse Uniform offers, check the catalog and or contact the friendly customer service assistance.

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