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Nursing Scrubs – Cheap and Functional

Amused by the power of fashion designers in creating impressive designs of clothing with different concepts, many people, especially women, get hooked with what’s hot in each season. However, many designs are simply left in the closet or worn by mannequins. It’s a good thing if some of those creations are used in the movies. On the other hand, clothing line such as nursing scrubs was made for practical usage. They were designed to prove nurses, doctors, chemists, dentists, veterinarians, and all other medical professionals comfortable medical apparel.

People look for manufacturers and distributors of medical uniforms to purchase nursing scrubs, lab coats, scrub jackets, and dental scrubs, which basically are necessities in the medical profession. Knowing these products are needed and are used in the daily lives, they are priced much much lower than all other dresses in the cat walk. The outfit worn by the featured celebrity in the cover of a popular fashion magazine for the month of March 2009, for instance, costs $8,246.55. Compare that to a $9.95 Cherokee scrub featured in Pulse Uniform. The disparity is just so huge! No offense to the genius designer of that costly outfit. Of course, the two clothing lines venture in totally different marketplace. But many will say there’s not enough reason to spend such amount of money for a single piece of dress.


True, the designs of nursing scrubs may not be able to outshine the dazzling creations of famous fashion gurus. However, the styles of these Pulse Uniform’s nursing uniforms are the hottest in the medical world. And they are much more cheaper. Check out  the designs of colored and white scrubs, as well as the print scrubs.

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