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Is Your Personal Data Secure? Jan 28: Data Protection Day


Your personal data is being processed every second – at your workplace, by public authorities, your bank you trust in, travel agency you regularly deal with, when you buy goods or services, and while surfing the internet. Most of the people are unfamiliar with the risks related to their personal data’s protection and rights in this respect. If you are a business organization, insecurity to your company data may cause massive loss. Moreover, a government department cannot afford to compromise in state data because it could result in a national threat.

Data Protection Day

Considering the importance of data privacy of individuals and organizations, an international treaty dealing with data privacy and protection was signed on Jan 28, 1981, that is legally binding by all international laws. Jan 28 is now known as Data Privacy Day which was first initiated by the Council in Europe in 2007 and celebrated by the United States and Canada in Jan 2008. However, now the day is an annual celebration for everyone.

Cyber Security

Among all areas, data privacy has its main domain in Cyber Security which is the body of technologies, policies, practices, and processes engineered to protect networks, programs, computers, and data from attack, harm, or unauthorized access. That’s why cyber security industry is growing every day with the unstoppable development of technology and innovation in the computer industry.

Social Media

Whenever you are online, your net surfing behavior is being monitored, detected, evaluated and processed to provide you the best service you deserve. However, the current system is not perfect in this regard. Though, social media giants such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Outlook seem secure, reliable and absolutely free. However, they use your personal data and sell them to others to make revenue. You receive ads frequently while you watch a video, or visit your Facebook timeline, or just surf the internet. Such ads, in essence, are not random, but deliberate and planned. The mobile applications you use also seek your permission to have access to your at least basic information prior enabling you to use it.

Let’s Celebrate!

International laws regarding data privacy and cyber security are in continuous work to make things safer for us. However, we must show some degree of caution before trusting someone blindly. Raising awareness regarding personal, professional, community and state data privacy concerns is the first step to making this world a secure place. Let’s celebrate Data Protection Day on Jan 28, 2017, and raise awareness regarding the issue!

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