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You Can Do Something To Help Smokers Quit

Will you look down on people who smoke, just like most Americans do? According to a recent study, 1 of 4 Americans holds smokers in lower regard for the obvious reason that they smoke. These people spend on something that would make them suffer in the future, an unthinkable vice for people who wouldn’t want to waste money on things that will burn both the fruitage of their sweat and their life. But for smokers, whether they know the consequences of smoking or not, the addiction with which they fell into is becoming deeper and deeper than ever before. And with their every puff, their mental reasoning may become more inclined to simply and willingly giving in to their addiction, with no resistance at all.

Nicotine, the most active agent present in cigarettes, is extremely addictive. It can persistently hunt even those who have long been able to free themselves from the addiction, just like how former drug addicts fought against the withdrawal symptoms. Considering this fact, will you look down on those people who still smoke? And if you were also a former smoker, will you regard smokers as individuals that are of lesser value than yourself?

Smokers can be likened to patients who badly need to see someone in medical uniforms and necessitates extensive medical attention, but continue to disregard the seriousness of their condition, trusting their own wisdom on how and when to seek professional help. Looking down on them for their inability to act in favor to their health is like mocking those who don’t have the ability to think right. Instead of such kind of mistreatment, would you rather provide them help win over the vice?

If you know someone, maybe a friend, who is trying to quit, what can you do to help? You need to develop being positive, forgiving, and you need to become a true friend.

Why do you need to be positive? Many times your friend will fail to resist a stick of cigarette. However, you need to still praise and reward their efforts rather than nagging and lecturing. Instead of saying, “You failed again,” say “You can do it if you try again.”

Why do you need to be forgiving? Many times your friend will sneak a puff. Instead of showing anger and frustration over another failure, use kind expressions that would make them want to continue trying to quit. Say something like, “I know it’s hard, and I’m so proud of you for doing it.”

Why do you need to become a true friend to a smoker? More than ever, it is during this period of time that a person trying to quit smoking needs a true companion, someone who will be patient and considerate no matter what his mood could be. If you would look down on him because he has failed several times, you’re pulling him down even more.

Is it not that you don’t want to inhale cigarette smoke and you get irritated with smokers? Then do something to help other people quit smoking instead of looking down on them.

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