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How to Develop an Appreciative Heart

In a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate yourself with regards to being grateful? How often do you say thank you to your fellow nurses? And just why should you express gratefulness as often as possible? According to Michael Angier, “If you learn to appreciate more of what you already have, you’ll find yourself having more to appreciate.”

Expressing gratitude has a positive impact even on the personality of an individual, and to his or her view of life. Significantly, learning to be more appreciative even of the very small things will lead to more happiness in life. However, there are people who struggle in saying these very pleasant words. Let’s see what you can do to improve on this.

  • Think of small things that you will most likely appreciate, such as a simple greeting in the morning when you come to the hospital to work. This should jumpstart your mind to becoming more appreciative.
  • Why not say “Good morning! How are you?” to Mr. cab driver or Mr. guard and to a couple other staff in your ward. When they say “how are you” back, it’s your chance to say thanks. Do that everyday, and it will soon become a habit.
  • Whenever patients say thank you to you, thank them in return. If they’ve been good patients, thank them for simply being that kind.
  • Practice at home. In special cases, a person may really hold back those words in front of other people, but not with family. If you have kids, better be their teacher in becoming appreciative, and develop this adorable quality yourself along the way.
  • Say thank you from your heart. When you do it this way, you will feel your heart being filled with joy every time you utter those words. And that should move you to become more appreciative even of the smallest things, even of the practical use of the patch pockets of your cheap uniforms.

For now, why not plan who to say thank you to in the next morning? After a month, rate your level of gratefulness, and try to see where you still need to make improvements.

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