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A Nurse’s Weekend in Alabama

Work. Work. Work. Is it the only thing you have been doing according to your scanned memory? You must be stressed out and dying to flee from hospital work for a while. Well, summertime is fast approaching. Why not plan a vacation and enjoy life outside hospital once again. After becoming so intoxicated with work, the smartest treat you can give yourself is a getaway. Take off those nursing scrub tops and nursing scrub pants. And then, get the sexiest swimwear instead. You deserve a few days away from patients, IVs and medicines. So plan ahead.

Plan the flights, meals, accommodation, facilities – Plan everything, and plan it well. You can go to a beach, cross the sea to a secluded island, go camping, party with friends, enjoy mountain climbing, pamper yourself in a spa, or do anything that you missed doing. The natural environment has so much to offer and the developed resorts are finding a lot more.

First stop is Alabama. It is the place to enjoy soft white-sand beaches, food to love, and islands to discover. However, we’ll have to scrap the beaches due to the oil spill. Some parts of the Alabama Gulf Coast are rather harmful these days, but no beaches are closed just yet. And based on air monitoring, there is no reason to close the beaches of Alabama. Amounts of oil spill from the Gulf shores to Orange beach vary very differently. So the public is advised to still be wary and precautious though, especially that there have already been 15 cases of oil-related health complaints, 10 of which are respiratory problems and the remaining 5 complain of skin irritation, June 9, 2010 CNN report said. Watch update beach condition at The Beach Facts.

Other outdoor activities, besides swimming, are also possible like bird watching, golfing, skiing and fishing. In Dauphin Island’s bird sanctuaries, for instance, not a second will you find the place without awe. Lakes will also be a great idea. The deep, clear, blue Lewis Smith Lake is a serene place to fish for large black bass, large mouth, stripped bass, black crappie, channel catfish and bluegill. It’s a park that also offers lakeside cabins, ideal campground and delightful spiral waterslide. Moreover, Alabama is also a perfect for other planned activities such as hiking at Sipsey Wilderness Area and enjoying the scenic view of the states parks. You may as well visit Alligator alley, and get the chance to feed some of the 200 gators, including Captain Crunch, the record holder of the world’s strongest alligator bite.

After a fun day outdoors, where else is the better place to take your tired bodies that an excellent spa awesome massage? And then, maybe, treating yourself with yummy meals in top restaurants will make you fully prepared for a night out. Excellent bars are scattered Alabama’s cities for you to enjoy. A goodnight sleep in a cozy hotel room should complete your weekend getaway, just before heading back to the hospital where you’re working.

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