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Dress The Best Way – Dress In Cherokee Medical Scrubs

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What’s the best way to dress for work today? Is it the classy business attire, the casual trendy look, or just the uniform? Whatever it is, as long as it’s modest, it would be fine. However, in hospitals and clinics, wherein wearing medical uniform is a requirement, not all of the employees are happy doing […]


Cherokee Scrubs, Simple but Stylish

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Simplicity is classic fashion. Many people think this way. For them, the catwalk has nothing to do with how one would consider what is beautiful and what is fashionable. In fact, they’d say, the wardrobes showcased in fashion magazines and in fashion shows are normally not wearable; they simply end up stocked in the closet […]

Cherokee Scrubs – Medical World’s Trendsetter

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Uniforms are an unwanted stuff by many medical students. Unfortunately, they have to get used to wearing them, since the real medical world lives behind the shades of medical uniforms. You’ll see white, blue, and green. Sounds like you’ve got no choice at all, but to stand with dull and lifeless clothing. That’s an exaggeration, […]

Playing Soldier with Private Betty Cherokee Scrub Top

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Your day can be fun even if you know it’ll be busy the whole day through. Start with finding a medical print scrubs that’ll help you keep the energy going. Do you have any stuff there that has a print depicting some action? You can play soldier. There’s a nice item from the collection of […]

Price Markdown on Authentic Cherokee Scrub Top

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Do you always worry whether your budget is enough for new medical scrub tops? No need to bother of this thing anymore for there’s an online store featuring the industry’s favorite Cherokee scrubs at absolutely low prices – Pulse Uniform. You’re eyes are not playing with you; this store set price markdowns not only on […]

Heart Beat Scrub Prints

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Can you hear those hearts pounding? No, of course. But you can tell by the look of that lady in the picture below that she’s happy. And perhaps, her heart is beating in a cheerful melody; although, we really can’t tell whether she’s hearing that because not an earpiece of the stethoscope is placed in […]