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Perfect Landau Scrubs for Winter

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What does Landau hold for you this winter? Still lots of high quality and comfortable Landau scrubs! Why not take a look at Pulse Uniform and find out the nicest hospital scrubs at hand. The bright colored Landau scrub pants and tops top the list of the best winter scrub uniforms. Why? Because the bright […]

Medical Uniforms Branded but Affordable

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It’s a usual thinking that branded medical uniforms are costly, and that common people would only be able to afford them during clearance sale. That’s a sad thing to know. But just like most things in the world, this could change. In fact, it did already. Many stores selling medical uniforms have them in budget […]

Quick Access To Plus Size Medical Uniforms

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How do you decide about gaining or losing weight? Is it because you want to stay healthy? Do you simply feel comfortable with your size? Or you don’t want to burden yourself looking for the extreme sizes, especially the plus sizes? If you are a nurse, doctor, or any other medical practitioner, finding the medical […]

Medical Scrubs Made-to-Order

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As what is observed, finding plus size medical scrubs is a common problem. For one thing, people in the health care industry are conscious of the quality of their health. Manufacturers, then, assume that most doctors, dentists, and nurses are medium in size. That’s where the problem comes, as the supply of medical scrubs is […]